Below are a list of services that hopefully are of interest to you! Jellyfish Design is a full service creative agency offering both online and offline solutions. Our portfolio is a mixture of local and national clients, all of whom have benefited from our industry knowledge and expertise.

Whether you are in need of a complete brand rethink, a brochure to advertise your new products, or simply some business cards to get you noticed, then have a look through the examples below and let us inspire you! One of the services Jellyfish Design offers is multilingual desktop publishing. Having worked alongside several translation companies we have extensive experience of multilingual typesetting for a variety of clients. Whether it’s a manual that needs to be typeset in Russian, or a brochure that needs producing in French, we can provide you with a competitive quote and fast turnaround time.


Zombie Targets

Zombie Targets manufacture a range of targets that are predominantly used for archery practice. Crafted from a polyurethane mix, the targets 'self seal' once the arrow has been removed. Clever stuff!

For the logo we wanted to retain the fun element and incorporate the target and zombie themes. The target also illustrates the sense of a moon rising and the hypnotic confusion of zombies on the horizon!

We also delivered the Zombie Targets website and stationery for this client. Check these out below and the animation we created for the home page!

The Beauty Room

The Beauty Room provides a spa experience from home which aims to make you feel like a king or queen! With that in mind a crown seemed appropriate for the logo. We chose the warm brown and cream colours to portray a sense of comfort and relaxation. The serif typeface gives a sense of professionalism and reassurance coupled with the san serif font of Sarah Morgan to give the overall logo a contemporary feel.

For this client we also delivered a range of marketing material including a treatment brochure, gift vouchers, special offers etc. See below for these examples.

Yorkshire Bowen

The Bowen Technique is a hands-on therapy that is applied using thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body. Utilising a unique set of rolling-type moves which stimulate the muscles and soft tissue of the body, this technique helps the body to re-align and rebalance in a gentle way.

With the motion and hands-on technique being so important, we used the hands to form the 'w' in Bowen, thus making it central to the visual identity. We also designed the stationery and website for Yorkshire Bowen which can be seen below.



Bespoke asked us to design the logo for their coffee shop and cupcake business. We used a rounded font for the word bespoke to portray the fun nature of the business. The outline of the cupcake frosting gives a reminder of the tasty toppings!

For this client we also produced various marketing material including flyers, menus, shop graphics and exhibition stands.

British Mastering Company

BMC specialise in sound engineering. They wanted a logo that reflected the classic production methods they use and the modern results they delivered.

We used the 'M' in BMC to create a needle on the display reading. Utilising blue, red and white to symbolise Britain, the logo was completed by the subtle frame of an amplifier which also contains the company name.




Twitectory is an online directory for twitter users. The logo uses the familiar image of the twitter bird and the city skyline suggests the large amount of people you can reach.

Black Diamond Wood Pellets

Black Diamond Wood pellets are manufactured and used in the forestry and woodland industries. The logo takes the image of a diamond to represent the "A" in BLACK, but is also crafted in such a way so that it sits nicely in the 'M' of DIAMOND in the word below.

Klean Swing

Klean Swing use industrial cleaning machines to professionally clean your golf clubs so they look and play like new! Using the 'K' to make a golfer and flag, this is centred between the two words of the company name, Klean Swing, to provide a focal point with the sparkle on the club head.

Easier Doors

Easier Doors manufacture automatic doors for both residential and commercial premises. The logo uses the the 'E' and 'D' to represent a door opening from its frame.

Templar Freight Services

A family run business with over 20 years experience in the freight, logistics and transport industries, Templar asked us to redesign their logo to give it a contemporary modern feel whilst still communicating the traditional standards which the business adheres to.

The shield represents strength and stability, whilst the arrows gives a sense of motion and direction to reflect the nature of the business. We also worked with Templar to build and redesign their website. See below for more details!

SIS Digital

SIS Digital are one of the leading suppliers of LED and LCD digital screen solutions in the country. They provide a full turnkey service – design, manufacture, installation and maintenance – in the UK, across Europe and around the world.

The products that SIS Digital manufacture are at the cutting edge of the fast-moving world of screen technology. The logo which incorporates a multi coloured swoosh communicates this.


PDA (now PDACAR) are the leading specialist in the highest standard of vehicle security, in-car multimedia and window tinting in the North of England.

The logo takes its inspiration from iconic car badges like Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. The logo has a steering wheel look about it but on closer reflection the letters 'p', 'd' and 'a' can be seen. For this client we also designed a range of stationery that can be seen below.


Choice Language Services

Choice Language Services provide translation, interpreting and localisation solutions to their clients all over the world. They asked us to redesign their brochure, bringing it in line with their website and communicating the different services they offer.

The result was a digitally interactive brochure that allowed the company to email their brochure to prospective clients with the click of a button!


Working within the automotive industry, Bossman required a marketing tool to advertise their Vehicle Sales Management Service System. The resulting promotional brochure highlights the 6 step process that makes up the service in order to aid the vehicle sales and financial management within the industry.

We produced a visually appealing solution, that communicates the information clearly and maintaineds the professionalism of the Bossman brand.

The Beauty Room

Having designed The Beauty Room logo (see above), we also produced a 12 page online brochure highlighting all the wonderful beauty and spa treatments on offer.

Maintaining the luxurious theme of the brand throughout, the brochure provides an insight in to The Beauty Room and the relaxing treatments the potential customer can expect to indulge in!

Oppenhuizen Law Firm

Working alongside US based translation agency Redline Language Services, we designed a 4 page bilingual brochure for Oppenhuizen Law Firm, PLC. Incorporating both English and Chinese, we produced a marketing piece that allows the law firm to communicate with its foreign clients and outline the products and services that the company has to offer.


For several years we have worked alongside Unit4 producing a wide range of brand literature and online solutions. Working to company guidelines and maintaining the integrity of the Unit4 brand, we have been responsible for designing and artworking everything from brochures, flyers and case studies to email banners, product icons and imagery for use online.

Employing over 4000 people and with operations all around the world, Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications empowering people in service organisations including professional services, education, public services, not-for-profit, real estate, and financial services




Zombie Targets

Together with the branding and website for Zombie Targets, we also created their stationery. Continuing the theme of targets, the letterhead and compliment slip utilises the target as a watermark. The footer reflects the imagery used on the website to convey the zombie theme and confirm the identity of the brand.

Yorkshire Bowen

The Yorkshire Bowen stationery continues the theme of health and well being to reflect the nature of the business. The letterhead, compliment slip and business card all incorporate a blue curve in the footer to further enhance this. On the business card, the client requested an appointment table on the back so that details of appointments could be kept by her clients.


The PDA logo and badge is an instant recognisable identity for the company, so when producing the stationery for this client we wanted the badge to play a major part. As a watermark, it provides a strong graphical background without detracting from the text of the letter or compliment slip. On the back of the business card is a list of services the company offers and also a space to write the name of your PDA contact.


Following the design and build of the 4translations website, we were asked to design their stationery. Using elements from the website like the image of the world map and the 'we love translating' phrase, we were able to connect the brand so its instantly recognisable online and offline.

Multilingual DTP

Aston Martin

We had the privilege of working on a 24 page brochure for the beautiful new Aston Martin DB11. This project was from English into Italian, French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.


A household name and instantly recognisable brand, we worked on a wide range of marketing literature for CAT. This included a number of posters, leaflets, packaging and point of sale. In the sample shown we produced Danish and Swedish versions of the English originals, working within the brand guidelines at all times.


With a worldwide customer base, Valeport design and manufacture instrumentation for the oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric communities. Recently we were asked to reproduce their 20 page company brochure from English into Simplified Chinese.

The complete brochure can be viewed here.


SonoLab are the leading manufacturers of noise reduction earplugs. We were approached by translation agency Language Reach to reproduce their 20 page English product brochure in to German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch.

Automotive Interiors Expo

Each month we produce a number of newsletters, posters, leaflets and postcards for various exhibitions and international shows. This particular leaflet was a 4 page piece for the upcoming Automotive Interiors Expo2017. Originally in English, we typeset and artworked the German version as shown.

Scottish Power


ScottishPower has existed since 1901, and is one of the largest utility companies in the world focused on delivering a sustainable, greener energy future. The example shown is a 4 page brochure we produced from English into Spanish.


Sandoz is the generic pharmaceuticals division of Novartis and a worldwide leader in generics. This international company develop, produce and market high-quality affordable medicines.

We received a request to reproduce five press advertisements into four different languages (German, French, Italian and Polish). Working alongside a translation agency, we successfully delivered the final versions to the end client's approval.



Established in Camden in 1998, Radley has evolved in to a British icon and leader in the premium accessories market. Having recently opened a retail outlet in Frankfurt, Germany, the company required their product catalogue to be translated for a German speaking audience.

Working alongside CGB Translations we have helped to reproduce Radley's Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter catalogues.



We have typeset numerous magazine and newspaper articles, including this 3 page advertisement feature for SEAT's Hidden Heroes series. Provided with the translations we were responsible for the DTP of the French, German and Italian publications.

As with all foreign language typesetting, special attention was taken with regards to the text swell in order for the article to fit in to the artwork without compromising the design.

One Hope

One Hope produce a series of religious educational books to spread the Christian message in poorer third world countries. This particular project included reproducing three books in to the amharic language, the official language of Ethiopia.


For over 100 years Olympus has been a leading manufacturer of innovative optical and digital equipment for the healthcare and consumer electronics sectors.

Having been provided the translation from English, we reproduced this new product factsheet in to nine different languages (Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech and German).


NSF International's aim is to protect and improve global human health. They do this by developing public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment.

This 12 page brochure about NSF's bottled water and beverage program was translated in to French and successfully typeset by ourselves for a French speaking audience.


Mira work with the world's leading manufacturers to deliver innovative vehicle engineering solutions.

We have worked on a variety of marketing literature for Mira including product information sheets and also this 8 page brochure, which was reproduced for the German market.


Partnering the world’s 25 biggest automakers, Delphi manufacture automotive parts that help vehicles all over the world run better, longer and more efficiently.

Techtalk is a 36 page magazine for automotive technicians showcasing products and services, together with the latest company news from Delphi. The example shown is the Turkish version we produced for the end client.


Gardner Aerospace is one of Europe’s largest independent manufacturers of metallic aerospace detailed parts. Every quarter they produce a 32 page magazine sharing an insight into the company and the various news from their sites in the UK, France, Poland and India.

The magazine is translated into French which we then typeset in to the original English artwork.



Coffee and cake experts Bespoke asked us to design a flyer for their café. Visually stunning pictures of cakes and pastries made this flyer almost good enough to eat!

Woodfield Language Services

WLS commissioned us to design a flyer to market their goods and services. Utilising the colours from the logo, we created an engaging flyer which showcased the company and strengthened their brand awareness within the translation industry.


Pro-Study is a new innovative study tool that collects and organises online research by categorising research topics and saving them into personalised colour coded category tabs.

The flyer we designed provides an in depth look at how the software works and the benefits it gives as an educational aide. Initially sent out via email as an interactive PDF we were able to make the flyer link back to the Pro-study website by introducing several clickable links within the text.


Eyecon is a service offered by translation company, Translation for Industry. Video technology allows businesses to link up with an interpreter or translator in order to provide linguistic services for meetings, presentations and exhibitions etc.

With a number of different services, Eyecon required a flyer that could summarise their company and advertise their products. This flyer was designed with that in mind and was ‘perfect’ for handing out at exhibitions and conferences.

The Beauty Room

We produced a variety of marketing literature for The Beauty Room. Offering discounts and engaging with potential customers allowed Sarah to build a loyal client base and make this home business start up a success. Pictured here is a new year offer and a range of gift vouchers for clients to purchase for friends and family.


William & Victoria

William & Victoria has been one of Harrogate's favourite restaurants for over 40 years, winning numerous awards including 'Restaurant of the Year' at the Yorkshire Life Food and Drink Awards.

Having undergone a complete refurbishment of the interior they asked us to design and build a new website to coincide with the re-opening of the restaurant. Reflecting the traditional, yet contemporary style of the interior, the new website includes amongst other features a news section, menu pages and a gallery of the restaurant's exquisite dishes. All aspects of the site from imagery to content are easily changed and updated by the owner via the Wordpress CMS.


Yorkshire Bowen

After developing the Yorkshire Bowen branding we also designed and built their website.

Continuing the style and identity of the logo, the website continues to communicate the nature of the business with its clean and minimalistic look. The content management system allows the user to update content easily, change testimonials and receive emails through the contact page.

Zombie Targets

Following the design of the Zombie Targets logo and branding, we also developed and built their website.

The site homepage includes an animated banner to set the the spooky scene and communicate the fun nature of the brand and its products. With an online gallery, twitter feed and link to ebay shop, the website is a strong online presence for the Zombie Targets brand.

Templar Freight Services

Templar Freight asked us to redesign their website after we successfully redeveloped their logo. With a wide range of services and information available, the website needed to be easy to navigate and still communicate the confidence and reliability of the business.

Built with Wordpress, the site is optimised for mobile and tablet use so the viewers site experience isn't compromised when on the go!


Family Futures

Working alongside redPepper Marketing, we designed and built the new website for Family Futures. Based in London, Family Futures are a not for profit adoption and adoption support agency, providing comprehensive support to those looking to adopt and need post-adoption support.

The website contains plenty of information and support so making the site easy to navigate, whilst still visibly appealing, was an essential factor when delivering this project.


Based in the North East, 4translations is a translation agency that offer a wide range of language services including localisation and interpretation. The website itself provides a communication hub for the company, offering details of those services, company information and client testimonials.

We also designed the 4translations stationery that can be viewed below.


Surrey Translation Bureau

Every quarter we produce an email newsletter for Surrey Translation Bureau. The seasonal online message contains, amongst other things, latest stories and an interview with a member of staff.

Working alongside the translation agency we also produce a German and Finnish version of the newsletter to send out to native speakers of those countries.


Whether you want to launch a new product or strengthen your brand awareness, an emarketing campaign is an invaluable way of reaching out to your target audience.

This campaign for Time centered around a seminar containing 3 experts speaking on UK pension advice. Ultimately an invitation, the campaign gave the audience all the information they needed, including profiles of the speakers, why they should register their place and all the finer details like location, time and contact details. A link back to the website allowed the customer to fill in their details and book their place online.

Environmental Technologies

Based in Harrogate, Environmental Technologies are an international company specialising in oil filtration, coolant handling & recycling and high performance / biodegradable lubricants.

We produced an email marketing campaign for some of their new products and services.


Working with Leeds based translation agency Global Lingo Ltd., we produce a series of internal email newsletters every other week for employees of their client Honda.

A mixture of brand, product and event updates, the newsletter is produced in 8 different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Slovak, Czech and Polish. We also produce multilingual versions for Belgian and Swiss employees.